Friday, March 9, 2012

Are you Fit 4 the Journey to TRUE PURPOSE?

Most people desire to live a life of True Happiness and Total Fulfillment but rarely does anyone make it to that experience. So...I pose this question to you today, "Are you Fit 4 the Journey to True Purpose?"

For the lack of awareness, knowledge and understanding of the 4 period process of "spiritual pregnancy" most people abort the journey or... simply choose to not go on the journey for fear of the unknown and seperateness it seems to create in the Mind.  

As the True Purpose Team Leader and your True Purpose Life Coach, my mission along with the True Purpose Team's is to help BILLIONS come to realize and experience their life's TRUE PURPOSE - a life of Total Happiness and Fulfillment.  We realize that happy people (adults, youth and families), create successful businesses, communities, countries, and continents; thereby, yielding us a World of Peace.

With that said, I'll say, it starts with YOU, and in your Mind.  You must make the CHOICE to take the journey to TRUE PURPOSE - one of Passion, Pain, and Pleasure.   So, I invite you to get your ROAD MAP to this inevitable and intangible journey that may be experienced several times in one's life, so that you may successfully Birth your life of True Purpose in your Divine Time.

Our Belief and Support for YOU:  If you Desire must first CELEBRATE in ADVANCE, while KNOWING that it is So! The TRUE PURPOSE TEAM celebrates your TRANSFORMATION and TRANSCENDING to the limits beyond.

Take action on your pursuit of Happiness/Fulfillment TODAY!
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