Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Journey...My Authentic and Inspiring Truth of Homelessness (Wk 10)

It's been 10 weeks in the Homeless Shelter.  A lot has transpired and transformed in this experience.  As I continue to allow myself to be guided through this journey to True Purpose attainment - (serving and living life to the full!), I am going to share with you my reality.  I've got a very busy plate today, so I'm going to leave you some food-for-provocative thought and run.  There is a lot of footage, but I'm going to just in this piece, share with you what took place in my 10th week in the homeless shelter with my daughter.  It's AMAZING what happens when you simply allow yourself to be go where no one would dare, and often times withouth the resources that tradition or common-sense would ever support. 

Ok...I invite you to listen to this show (The first day that I came out Authentically of me living in a Homeless Shelter with my Daughter and a part from my Son). - - - >

Live on the True Purpose Development ShowThe Journey...My Authentic Truth of Homelessness...

This photo (below) taken of me after dinner in the Homeless Shelter last week....Listen..."NEVER judge a book by its cover, and never underestimate what appears to be down. A valley is ONLY relative to the state of mind that you have about the valley that you are in." ~Dr. Princess Odilia

Just prior to this picture, I had eaten a gourmet meal...walked a beautiful scenic route (walking off those calories), listened to some beautiful live opera singing, and decided that before I changed into my lounge wear to work for a few hours before bed, I had this picture taken by my beautiful daughter. So, have you not heard the story...I'll leave the rest for you to listen to this show, if you have not heard yet. Soon, the entire "real life" reality show will be released, so stay tuned!

This  picture (below) is a picture of 2 new friends that I met on the journey as a result of being in the shelter:  Joe Jones (left) and Itsy Lieberman (right).  As a result of our meeting, you will hear Itsy Lieberman (Fox Sports and TV Personality) on the True Purpose Development Show (Health Spot w/ Itsy).  Joe Jones is a dear friend of mine now and is a major supporter of the mission of Global World Peace and True Purpose attainment for Billions!  Thanks Joe and Itsy!

My Clothes are Compliments of SOS closet - Story... clothes are currently in storage, and the clothes that I'm wearing have been donated by wonderful people that care about those that are in Transition. Amazing! I wouldn't have been able to tell any difference if I had purchased them myself. Thank You SOS and to all of the donating parties!

Our room @ the Shelter (Wk 10)

Our AMAZING dinner @ the Shelter (Wk 10) - Just Before taking top picture

My daughter and I just playing around with camera (Wk 6)

Dr. Princess-O`dilia w/ the helpers (wk 7)

At the Shelter site (Wk 7)-- how Beautiful-Eclectic-and Awesome! This picture was after dinner on a tour of the site.  Amazing way to transition if this is your route.  Sometimes it's just like that.  


Listen, this journey may not be easy, but at the end, you could even live in a "Homeless Shelter" and be Totally Happy deep within your soul.  Keep in mind...some people are homeless physically and some are homeless within their own flesh - the house wherein which their Spirit and Soul resides.  Some of you know that your sould is crying out but you leave it empty without attention and care.  It's yearning to be fulfilled, but you live through the external demands of the traditional ways of thinking and being. 

I invite you to FREE your SOUL from the confines of your current perspective, allow yourself to be guided FREELY by the Spirit of Wisdom and Love (i.e., God, intuition) that is within you.  It takes you to a place that you've only dreamed of and makes the ways of man seem foolish for what you'll receive as a result of following 100%.  You'll learn how to just BE, profound love, courage, wisdom, strength, patience....oh, and I must not forget - you'll come to say, "Pride be gone", clarity, wisdom, understanding, and tenacity.  This is the key to birthing your life's TRUE PURPOSE.  It's a journey (the process of spiritual pregnancy) that is full of passion, pain, and pleasure.  Be willing to let GO and Let the Universe (God) take it's course in your life! 

As we experience our journey to our next Mountain Top, I want you to share through this blog, our experiences.  We won't be in this space and experience long, but will be long enjoying our HEAVEN EXPERIENCE of living life Serving and Fulfilled in Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit!!  I trust that you will be inspired to take that leap of faith to follow as you are guided 100% w/out consideration of recourse of what others may think about "your" choice.  In the'll only have you to contend with, and your soul yearns to be free!  I love you all!


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