Monday, July 23, 2012

Global Change...Is it our CHOICE or are we destined for failure??


Ok, I hear you…”When will our world change?” or, some of you may say…”Our world will never change – we’re only getting worse.” I’d like to share this moment of Inspiration with you…

”The ENERGY from your current PERSPECTIVE is more powerful than anything you say or do.”

(Dr. Princess-O`dilia)

It is written: “So a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”…”Life and death is in the power of the tongue.” Furthermore my friends, we were created with infinite POWER, LOVE, and ability to TRANSFORM our own personal lives and others!  Thus, It's time for us to KNOW… that our THOUGHTS are the highest prayers that we will ever pray ( and you seal it with your words and action).

One day, we will and MUST come into a collective THOUGHT of Hope, Love, and Transformation for all people in order for it to EVER be so!!!  So, I invite you to this: Start with YOU!!

1)         Paint a picture (i.e., a vision – a thought) in your mind of what you would like for our world to be [people walking in love – see smiles – synergetic communities – Happy NEWS, families, individuals, business owners, and gov’ts]

2)         Everytime you have a contrary thought to your POSITIVE THOUGHT (vision) created, CHOOSE to take action by saying, “I CANCEL that thought” and immediately go back to your POSIVITIVE THOUGHT (vision) CREATED.

3)         Allow yourself to feel this thought without doubt. -- The CHANGE is our CHOICE!!

a.      MENTAL EXERCISE: Sit each day for at least 5 min quite with your eyes closed as you meditate on Global World Peace and True Purpose attainment for BILLIONS. Then…

4)         CELEBRATE this TRUTH each day, for “If you desire CHANGE…you must first CELEBRATE in ADVANCE while KNOWING that IT IS SO!!" (Dr. Princess-O`dilia)

I love you all and KNOW that TRANSFORMATION is ours but we must first take action with the tools that God created us with, which gives us the POWER to CREATE TRANSFORMATION so that we may TRANSCEND to the limits beyond!