Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today's word: Relax...Rejoice...Release!  Be like in the story of  Daniel in the Lion's Den: Sit and chill...while Daniel was in the Lions Den (where he was thrown in their with the intent to have him eaten alive), Daniel did not tend to the Lions, nor did he appear the story goes.  Rather, he appeared to be Chillin'  (sort-of-speak).  Be like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego:  Move forward into the fire and REJOICE!  Sometimes you will be guided into the valley, as a part of your journey's course.  Don't fight it! Move forward into it and REJOICE - have Joy Be Happy in the flames!
I. Pose this Question or Prayer aloudWhat am I to experience in this moment now? 

Now...BE QUIET and listen to the small still voice or the presence that will quicken you to the realization of what this moment - experience is about for u. 

Hint:  You will not hear or awaken the Spirit within you with you not allowing yourself to Relax.  So, to embrace a powerful stillness that will bring you profound wisdom for your life and this now experience.

II.  Breathe:  a)  Slowly Inhale and Exhale 3 times.  b) Slowly repeat 3 times: I inhale Peace...I exhale Anxiety  c)  Now sit and be still for about 3 - 5 minutes - at least - with your eyes close.  You can continue to take conscious slow breathes, but for a maximum experience of stillness, just do nothing - Be Still - simply that.

As you are awakened to the 4 period process of spiritual pregnancy as written in the book, PREGNANT IN THE SPIRIT - How to Birth a life of True Purpose, you will realize that your journey's mission is to bring you to a greater truth of you, a profound relationship and connectiveness with God - Life, a profound expression of Love and Oneness, Happiness, Joy, Peace, Wisdom, Clarity, Knowledge, and Understanding.  It is a journey of Passion, Pain, and Pleasure - a journey that few choose to take - although desire - strongly - the results of the journey. 

If you choose to live True Happiness - your life's True Purpose as one of total Fulfillment in Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit, this journey is your responsibility and requirement.  The journey is not just a straight clear road to the mountain top.  You will.....experience valley's - rocky roads and hills, diverse weather situations (rain, snow, storms, and sunshine).  However, it is...your journey is yours to take if you choose to go to the mountain top. :-)  Happy Traveling and Enjoy your day!


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